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The Prime Your Life Coaching series
10 Science-based tips to reprogram your mind and increase well-being

EST. 2011

We Believe…

  • You Should Get Introduced to Our Work, Our Style, and Community Without Making Any Sort of Monetary Commitment
  • You Get to Access 10 Super Valuable Paradigm Shifting Lessons Right Now To Begin Exploring Your Own Inner Workings
  • You Can Face Your Fears With a Practice Which Creates a Strong Foundation of Inquiry and Naturally Establishes Effective Breakthrough Methods to Increase Ease, Peace, and Effortlessness to Your Life
  • Meditation Will Completely Revolutionize Your Life, That’s Why We’ve Included a FREE 30-Minute Guided Meditation With Your Membership 



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Guy Ferdman

Guy is a modern-day shaman and co-founder of Satori Prime. A spiritual truth-sayer whose warrior spirit merges ancient wisdom with modern practicality against the backdrop of everyday life. In the past, Guy has helped thousands of entrepreneurs in over 23 countries launch their businesses online. He currently lives in San Diego with his wife, newborn son, and a blue nose pitbull.

Ilan Ferdman

Ilan is a far-seeing visionary and relentless dreamer. Co-founder of Satori Prime as well as a successful entrepreneur, speaker, and life coach who has helped thousands of people all over the world connect to their inner passion and radically transform their lives.  He currently lives right outside of New York City with his wife and two kids.





34 Years of Combined Personal & Spiritual Development Education and Coaching


Have Successfully Coached Tens of Thousands of People Online and in Person on Stages All Over The World


Hundred of Thousands of People Are Exposed to Our Work Via our Social Media Channels Each Year

breakthroughs are like orgasms, you’re never satisfied with one

The life you want is on the other side of your biggest fears.

To get the results you want

To achieve the life of your dreams you need to build a kick-ass relationship with your fears.

It’s for that reason that we’ve built our Have It All Academy. Our Academy has helped 1000’s of people just like YOU to leap into the unknown and create MASSIVE shifts.

The Have It ALL Academy is for the passionate leader determined to create an epic life. This is the community and tools I wish I had 14 years ago when Guy and I got started. When you Sign up below and join our private community of global leaders you’ll be automatically enrolled in our 10-day Master Class.

Once inside you’re going to uncover or RE-cover:

Your true identity and I’m telling you right now, it’s not what you think. 

  • How to trust your fear and face her, head on.
  • How to change the belief that you’re not good enough, or smart enough or just plain enough.
  • And so much more… My brother, Guy and I, have spent the last 14 years perfecting the art of personal transformation. And we’ve committed our lives to transforming the lives of 100 million people.

You may be one of them…if you so choose.

The people that work with us know they’re different. You know there’s more to life than a 9 to 5 job. You desire most to live up to your full potential. and most of all, you want to see results.

You’re sick and tired of reading books, watching videos and going to seminars only to find that your life pretty much looks the same.

If you’re committed to your greatness. If making an impact in the world is your mission. If leaving this planet a better place then when you came is your vision…. Then you my friend have found a new HOME.

Sign up now and join an elite community of like-minded, passionate, growth-minded leaders. A the have it all academy, we focus on shit that actually works. Ain’t that some shit? Now I realize that this approach isn’t for everyone. You might not be ready for this level of transformation YET!

And that’s totally fine. We wish you the best of luck and when you’re ready, we’ll be here! If you know, nay if you FEEL in your heart that you’re primed and ready for massive expansion, then don’t wait.

Sign up now and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Our community is waiting for you on the inside with open arms! You deserve to have the life you want. We’re here to show you how.

Sign up below and join us today. We’ll see you inside.

Guy and Ilan Ferdman

Satori Prime Co-Founders


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No one knows your personal desires better than you.

The Satori Prime Community is the designed to let you uncover your old unwanted automated programming which no longer serve you.

Discover how to let go of that which no longer serves you and install new programming which allows you to manifest and create your life goals with unprecedented ease and velocity.

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